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XHGD vertical multistage non-centrifugal pump

   Caliber: 25 ~ 65mm

   Flow: 2 ~ 64m3/h

   Head: 20 ~ 200m

   Power: 0.37 ~ 110kW 

   Medium temperature: -15 ~ 105℃

   Ambient temperature: less than 40℃


   The pump is vertical, multi - stage, segment structure, compact structure, small floor area. Adopt stainless steel plate stamping and welding structure, sanitary and pollution-free. Shaft seal for mechanical seal, no leakage. The pump adopts pipelining structure, the inlet and outlet is located on the same straight line, and the diameter is the same, so it is very convenient to install.

   The pump can be used in direct drinking water engineering, building domestic water supply, fire water supply, air conditioning system cooling water and frozen water transportation, process circulating water pressurization, etc.