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XHDL series vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump

   Diameter: 40 ~ 200mm

   Flow: 2 ~ 380m3/h

   Head: 5 ~ 230m

   Power: 1.5 ~ 200kW 

   Medium temperature: -15 ~ 105℃

   Ambient temperature: less than 40℃


   The pump is vertical, multi - stage, segment structure, compact structure, small floor area. Shaft seals are optional mechanical or packing seals. Pump can be set up multiple outlets, the implementation of pressure grading water supply. The direction between the import and export can be adjusted to 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° according to the user's requirements, which is very convenient for installation. The pump adopts the low speed of 1480r/min, which has the advantages of low vibration and low noise.

   The pump can be used in the conveyance of cooling and frozen water in the air conditioning system, pressurization of process circulating water and so on.