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BPSW series inverter feed water equipment without

   ◆Main performance parameters

   Flow range: 0 ~ 100 m3

   ◆ Pressure range: < 1.5mpa

   ◆ Pressure stability: ±0.01MPa

   ◆ Number of main pump stations: 2 ~ 3

   ◆ Auxiliary pump: 0 ~ 1

   ◆ Capacity of single motor: 1.1 ~ 45kW

   ◆ Time to adjust and stabilize: < 40S

   ◆ Operation mode:

   Manual and automatic starting mode.

   1) Manual: < 15kW is direct starting; 15 ~ 45 kW is the star triangle start  

   2) Automatic: soft start

   ◆ Protection level of control cabinet: IP40

   No negative pressure (overpressure) frequency conversion water supply equipment directly to the municipal pipe network as the water source, forming a continuous closed relay pressurized water supply mode, completely avoid the traditional two pressurized water supply system caused by the water quality standard reduction and various water source pollution problems, completely maintain the national water quality standard of municipal water source; Make full use of the pressure of municipal water source, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

   The equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, no water pollution, low noise, convenient operation and reliable operation.

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