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3G series three screw pump

   Flow: 6 ~ 123m3/h

   Pressure: 0.6 ~ 2.5mpa

   Power: 0.75 ~ 132 kW

   Medium temperature: less than 150 ℃

   Ambient temperature: less than 40℃

   Medium viscosity: 3.0-15000 cSt


   The pump is a rotor type positive displacement pump. In the three-screw pump, due to the meshing of the main screw and the spiral groove on the screw and their coordination with the inner surface of the three holes of the bushing, a number of dynamic seal Chambers can be formed between the inlet and outlet of the pump. These dynamic seal Chambers will continuously move the liquid from the pump inlet axial direction to the pump outlet, and make the liquid transported step by step to boost the pressure.

   The liquid transported by the three-screw pump does not contain solid particles, non-corrosive oil and similar oil lubricity liquid, high viscosity liquid can also be transported through the temperature drop viscosity. Three - screw is widely used in machinery, petroleum, steel, power generation, chemical fiber, food, shipbuilding and other industries.